Community College Partnerships

The community college provides expertise on the postsecondary element of the NYC P-TECH school. It is closely involved in aligning the school’s curriculum to relevant degree pathways.

Faculty, as experts in their field as well as college leaders, work with the school and industry partners to develop the career skills map and give guidance on the coursework needed for the Associate Degree. The content of the high school and college courses is carefully sequenced so that students move seamlessly through the program.

The college partner also supports the high school in establishing a college-going culture, creating opportunities for students to learn the expectations and responsibilities of being an active learner on a college campus. Its faculty also collaborates with the high school staff on curriculum and professional development.

Students from NYC P-TECH Schools take courses at the community college campus and will have access to its resources just as a college student, such as the library, tutoring centers, student advisors, and other support centers.

By being a close collaborator of a NYC P-TECH school, the college is actively involved in ensuring that students are well-prepared to succeed in its degree pathways. The college also gains the opportunity to test the depth and efficacy of its degrees with the support of an intimate industry partner engaged in the same work.

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