NYC P-TECH schools are a six-year collaborative program with a curriculum tailor-made to give students the skills and knowledge for college and employment.

How it works:

High School: The school district ensures that the curriculum meets high school requirements and establishes supports for all students. Students take high school and college level courses while participating in mentoring and internship opportunities.

College: The college partner ensures that college courses meet degree requirements and clarifies course eligibility course requirements. Students take courses to earn an Associate Degree at no cost to families, and may either continue studies at their partner college or apply to other four-year college colleges upon graduation.

Industry: The industry partner identifies key skills for entry-level employees, and helps shape curriculum and work-based learning throughout the program to build those skills. Students explore career options through internships, and receive the coaching and mentoring they’ll need for professional success.

STUDENTS EARN: High School Regent’s Diploma, Associate Degree, Industry credentials, work experience

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