The NYC P-TECH school model is a six-year early college and career program combining high school, college, and work-based learning to prepare students for the world of work and higher education. NYC P-TECH schools are career-themed schools designed in collaboration by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), the City University of New York (CUNY), and private industry partners. These schools aim to enhance young people’s options after high school through a seamless program where they will earn a high school diploma, an Associate Degree in a growing field, plus relevant industry work experience. More importantly, these schools are designed for all students in New York City and welcome historically underserved populations.

Youths today are growing up in a time of rapid changes in our society. With technological advances and a more globalized economy shifting how businesses operate everyday, our young people must be just as agile and be prepared with the ability to work in the jobs of tomorrow. We are already concerned about skills shortage and its impact on job growth in our nation, especially in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. In addition, more employers are seeking workers who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills to effectively interact and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Given this change momentum, we have a prime opportunity to ensure our young people are developing the skills and competencies to effectively navigate their future careers.

Yet we also recognize that too many young people are often missing the opportunities they need to succeed. For young people growing up in low-income communities, challenging family situations, and other life circumstances, the world of work is a distant vision, if at all. Following the paths of high school to college and work is neither straightforward nor accessible for many of our youths. With little to no exposure to family members or friends who have gone to college or worked in middle-skills and high-growth jobs, these young people are less likely to have a chance at preparing for the jobs of the future.

The NYC P-TECH school model aims to give these young people the opportunities they need to be part of that future workforce. NYC P-TECH schools give high school students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, an Associate Degree in a growing field, as well as relevant industry work experience, through a six-year program that seamlessly integrates rigorous academics, college coursework, and career exploration.

Each career-themed school is created in partnership with:

  • The New York City Department Of Education (NYCDOE)
  • The City University of New York (CUNY)
  • Major Industry Partners

These partners collaborate on every aspect of the school’s design, from identifying the skills, knowledge, and experiences that students will need to be successful within the industry, to establishing the curriculum and technical trainings that teachers and students need to attain these competencies. At NYC P-TECH Schools, the focus is on preparing each student so that they are empowered to make and follow-through on informed decisions about their postsecondary options.

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