The NYC P-TECH Experience

Every NYC P-TECH school has its own industry and college partners, and offer different career themes as well as Associate Degrees. But while no two schools are the same, there are core elements that you will find across all of our NYC P-TECH schools:

A Roadmap to Success
Each NYC P-TECH school and its partners work together to create an academic and professional roadmap for students: a six-year scope and sequence of coursework that includes all high school and Associate Degree requirements, as well as work-place learning activities. Students are supported to go through the courses and experiences that have been carefully curated based on the demands of the career field and the aligning Associate Degree.

College and Career Experiences
From the time students enter ninth grade, both college and career preparation are integral parts of their lives at a NYC P-TECH school. The school’s sequence of courses is designed so that students may begin taking college classes for credit as early as their sophomore year. Similarly, the school has a workplace learning structure for each year that includes job shadowing, mentoring, career panels, and off-site projects, to progressively prepare students for internships and employer-based work. Various school activities, including advisory, are designed to foster college and career exploration and readiness to support students in building the skills and habits they need to assume in college and professional settings. Close involvement from the industry and college partners means students are regularly interacting with adults and seeing how their learnings apply to everyday life.

Creative Use of Time
Preparing all students for these college and career experiences doesn’t happen magically. At a NYC P-TECH school, extending the learning time allows the staff to build in the necessary structures to support students. Whether it's a longer school day, supports on Saturdays and during summer, or structuring into trimester sessions, the NYC P-TECH school breaks out of the traditional school schedule mold to benefit students.

Dedicated and Talented Staff
NYC P-TECH schools have smaller student populations, enabling teachers and staff to get to know their students and foster a strong college and career-oriented culture. They know that taking college courses so early in high school can be daunting and are committed to ensuring that every student is prepared and supported. They also know that their own learning does not stop; as the world changes, so does the knowledge that educators need to share with their students. NYC P-TECH staff are equally dedicated to strengthening their school as a professional learning community and figuring out how to continuously make their school better.

Open to All Students
At NYC P-TECH schools, students do not need to meet any academic criteria or submit to a special screening process. NYC P-TECH schools are intended for all students, particularly those who are historically underrepresented in higher education and STEM fields.

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