What is reading? The data were obtained by using reading comprehension test and writing test. These include the following: defining who is bilingual; testing language abilities and language use; languages in communities and minority groups; endangered languages; language planning. Analysis of data was done using SPSS version 21. The 20 chapters cover essential issues and controversies about language minorities and bilingual education. selected as the sample of the study. In a compact and clear style, bilingualism is discussed at individual, group, and national levels. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. The research findings were as follows: 1. It includes guidelines for the detection of 101 special needs and more than 1000 corrective strategies. (KFT), This book of 16 chapters by various contributors is intended to assist teachers to translate theory into practical classroom strategies for mainstreaming children with disabilities. (Contains 920 references.) Appendixes include an informal reading inventory, the Fry Readability Formula, and a 300-item glossary. The present study examined potential synergistic relationships between reading engagement and reading comprehension among 3,689 third and fourth graders across 59 schools in North Carolina. It is futile to expect that bilingual education will ever lead to a multicultural society unless a restructuring of the historical, hegemonic relationship between language and culture takes place. The Findings and Correlation between Reading and Successful Workplace and Academic Skills Employers rank reading and writing as major deficiencies in their new hires and concurrently rank reading comprehension as an important skill for workplace success (The Conference Board) Finally, the researcher recommended conducting further research to investigate the link between students’ reading comprehension and their achievement in English since research in this area is rare. If students read about a topic before they write about it, this gives them information that they can then use when writing. As the two crucial processes of output and input of language learning, writing and reading have been widely discussed by researchers. In other words, reading attitude and reading comprehension significantly predicted academic achievement. 2. students was 3.25 ±0.60 and female under graduate students was Based on the regression analysis, it was found that students’ reading achievement determined or influenced 37.7 % of their writing achievement and the rest (62.3 %) was defined by other factors. The correlation coefficient between CGPA and test anxiety of students was -.317 This shows a significant correlation between the reading Achievement and the writing Achievement to the eighth graders of bilingual class at SMP Negeri 1 Palembang. Oxford: Pergamon, pp. tended to get low scores in the reading comprehension, and writing test. Among these, 126, This study was aimed at investigating whether or not there was a significant effect of the implementation of Big Book as media on reading comprehension achievement of the fifth grade students. Writing and teacher–student closeness were significantly correlated at .36 (p<.001) as well as writing and teacher–student conflict at -.42 (p<.001). It means that there was a significant influence of reading achievement on the students’ writing achievement. Then, the samples were decided as the experimental group and control group by using lottery. As the two crucial processes of output and input of language learning, writing and reading have been widely discussed by researchers.

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