[VGtC,p.210: an unspecified number of Purple Dragons garrison this town. [GTR,p.42 & CaN,p.13, states Bhereu is the Lord High Marshal. 1 light infantry regiment The Purple Dragons are the regular army of Cormyr, the professional standing army that directly serves the Crown in the defense of the Forest Kingdom. Minor garrisons in towns might be rotated anywhere from monthly to once every six months, while wayposts or outposts not in towns can be rotated as frequently as once per tenday. It is unfortunate to say that Oversword Laheralson has let the elite status of the unit go to the heads of both himself and his men. If the officer appointed as lord commander is not already of noble birth, then his social status is the same as that of a town's local lord for the duration of his appointment. Some time between 376 DR and 432 DR, Cormyr was invaded by many dragons, including Thauglor,the purple Dragon,so salled because his scales went purple … ], Members of the Purple Dragons will leave the service of King and Cormyr for a variety of reasons. Arrowmaster: This title is bestowed on the leader of a force of archers. 1 medium infantry regiment Dawngleam: 1 kadrath of infantry. The reference is plural, so I interpreted kadrath to be the singular, and no information was given about the size other than that a swordlord (i.e. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Smaller armies might be made up of just two or three regiments under the command of an oversword, while larger armies will be made up of many regiments under a battlemaster. Advanced Hippogriff I: The Dragoneer's mount is advanced by one hit die to 4HD according to the procedure in the Monster Manual. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in High Horn is 411 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. Creator: Matthew Lee Myers Publisher: DMs Guild Cost: $24.99 (for the first week after publication) Product Length:255 pages Matthew set out with a purpose to consolidate lore that spans several novels and rule books from various editions of D&D into a single book so that you wouldn’t have to. 1st Wheloon Infantry Regiment (light infantry) A garrison of one hundred Purple Dragons guards the pass to Sembia and occasionally has to rescue adventurers fleeing the forest with monsters on their tails. The Purple Dragons … the Cormyte military, from the Purple Dragons to the local militia. Overall Composition of the Purple Dragons, [It is generally assumed that there are 12,000 Purple Dragons based on imprecise readings of canon. This is unacceptable and unbelievable. Ed Greenwood describes the location of the district (which contains Firefall Vale) at http://www.candlekeep.com/library/articles/firefall.htm.]. {2. 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment A lance of 21 men is a good compromise between these two. On the other hand, since archers are normally used only in support of infantry or cavalry and do not need to function independently, larger units like the regiment aren't useful for organizing archers either. This first post will need updating, but basically its a pure spellsinger bard with 19 pts spend in PDK Tree for For Cormyr… This pay is often used by a retiring solder to help equip him for his new civilian livelihood, although those less wise may squander some or all of it. Because of both the supporting nature of the archers and the fact that they are specialists at a specific kind of combat, serving in an archer unit is usually not a career enhancement. The ruling monarch has an advisor, who has the title (amongst others) of High Wizard, and who is in charge of the War Wizards. Its strong and numerous militiamen, including the exalted Purple Dragon Knights, allow some to feel safe. [BtHR,p.251: Goblin Mountain Outpost is located in the Marshview Pass which runs from the High Moors south through the Storm Horns.] The soldiers come to know well and work well with those they serve next to. [3], Nobles were actively expected to take the oath, and would generally be given positions of leadership. Normally, the quartermaster will hire on (at crown expense of course) a number of civilian drovers, armorers, weaponsmiths, blacksmiths, wagonwrights, canvas-sewers and so forth to provide the need for such skills that any large military unit requires. PoL,p.1 also mentions a company of Purple Dragons. C9410,p.23 mentions constant patrols, typically being 10-20 F3's and 1 or 2 war wizards commanded by an F5. Currently, there are only three armies in existence: the Army of the East, the Army of the West, and the Army of the Heartlands. 1 light infantry regiment Think about what this means. Infantry are the footmen of the army. The territory that a Warden is responsible for will usually be divided into several districts and a person appointed the boldshield of that district to take care of the day-to-day enforcement tasks. For this reason, a larger unit will always contain an even number of smaller units that work together in pairs. Because of their heavy equipment, heavy infantry move slower and are less maneuverable so whenever possible they are not deployed without supporting lighter units to guard their flanks and rear. Basic Information Ground forces trying to defend against such attacks are at an inherent disadvantage, so the defenders of Cormyr have taken to the skies themselves on flying mounts to try to remove this disadvantage. One battalion is always alert and patrolling the streets at any given time day or night, and the duty battalion is usually rotated just after breakfast, just before dinner, and midnight. Boldshields will often, but not necessarily, be Purple Dragon officers that are garrisoned within the district. Lionars may promote enlisted personnel at need and are usually the lowest ranking officer to be given Purple Dragon rings. They are the mobility of any army and the core of its offensive strength. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Tilverton garrison Such special training is not needed for regular cavalry since horses (and the knowledge about taking care of them) are so commonplace. [2], All loyal Cormyrean citizens were eligible to join the Purple Dragons by taking an oath. Warden: a Warden is not really a military title in and of itself; a warden is simply an official appointed by the King to enforce Crown laws and regulations in a specified area. Those swordcaptains who don't listen to the words of their company swordmajor (usually young high-nose nobles) end up dead in combat with regretful frequency along with many of their men. 1 light cavalry regiment During time of peace, higher levels of organization are largely administrative in nature. Race(s) Also take a look at Sir Isteval online. Attached units and casualties may increase or decrease the actual number of men. The major garrisons also routinely patrol the roads of Cormyr. The town has no lord, but the Purple Dragons enforce Cormyr… a dragon attack). All cavalry units outside of the Royal Cavalry Regiment are constituted as light cavalry, and are rarely seen in full regimental formation. Together with the War Wizards, they are the kingdom's first line of defense. Larger armies commanded by battlemasters may have a more detailed headquarters structure as overswords are given commands of smaller groupings of regiments within the army. The overall commander of the Purple Dragons is Duke Bhereu, Lord High Marshal of Cormyr (LG hm Ftr14/Prp5). He represents the interests of all the enlisted people to the commander of the regiment and advises him on matters that concern them. 1 archer battery The Purple Dragons also use more general titles to refer to various leadership positions on the field of battle and in administration. There is no fixed relationship between rank and class level, since they indicate different things. Light infantry are, as the name might imply, lightly equipped thus quick-moving forces that are favored for guerilla-style fighting. The following were the rates of pay as of the first day of Mirtul in the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR). _____ High Crimes Treason Treason against the Crown of Cormyr is loosely-defined and carries harsh consequences. Cormyr … The war wizards get the fear and awe and the cavalry gets the glory, but the infantry is what holds ground and wins wars. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Marsember Garrison: Advanced Hippogriff III: The Dragoneer's mount is advanced by one hit die to 6HD according to the procedure in the Monster Manual. Orderly: An enlisted soldier assigned to attend and perform various tasks for a senior officer; a soldier who serves as an attendant to a senior officer. Where specific units are mentioned by name in a specific garrison, this means that unit is generally not rotated. They are usually assigned by regiment to garrisons across Cormyr then sent out in smaller units as patrols both to help keep the roads safe for travel and to keep an eye on travelers using the roads. Officers enjoy a number of other benefits besides higher pay. ], [C9410, inside cover gives the Arabel garrison strength as 2,000, but Volo's Guide to Cormyr says that the PD's in Arabel are actually two detachments: the Army of the East under the Warden of the Eastern Marches and the city garrison under Myrmeen Lhal. The Blue Dragons, Cormyr’s … part of the Army of the West Advanced Hippogriff II: The Dragoneer's mount is advanced by one hit die to 5HD according to the procedure in the Monster Manual. They are always heavily armed and armored and are most commonly used in the offensive against large enemy concentrations as a follow-up force to cavalry. part of the Army of the East under Baron Thomdor [GTR,p.48] In more set-piece battles, light infantry will often protect the flanks and rear areas of heavier units or groups of archers, maneuver to harry the enemy and prod them to move into ground of the commanding officer's choosing, and can even be used as irregular archers at need if enough trained archers are not available. A former soldier of the Purple Dragons is, in addition to whatever mustering-out benefit he receives, allowed to keep his personal weapon and armor and is required to maintain them, for despite the fact that he is no longer actively serving he is still under an obligation to the Crown. Those who wish to join the Purple Dragons must meet tough standards of physical fitness to simply be accepted, and these standards are enforced through rigorous training. The Purple Dragons here have hippogriff steeds. When men join the Purple Dragons they join a specific regiment, usually one in or near their hometown, and generally remain within that regiment for the entirety of their military career. Since that time, Cormyr grew by absorbing the realms of Esparin and Orva[citation needed] and claiming the Stonelands as its own.Some time between 376 DR and 432 DR, Cormyr was invad… The Purple Dragons have reached its current level of organization through thirteen centuries of development and experience. Duty frequently takes the Purple Dragons on to the canals here, and anything heavier than light infantry would be at risk of drowning by quickly sinking if they fell into water. Company Swordmajor: this position is filled by an experienced soldier with the rank of swordmajor. All of the following are class features of the Purple Dragon Airborne Dragoneer prestige class. First swords are usually at least 4th level, while swordmajors are typically at least 7th level. The typical longer range patrol is made up of two lances of cavalry with attached war wizards and a flight of archers on horseback for backup. Cormyr has been in relatively few set-piece battles involving large formations of thousands of men, because Cormyr has been in relatively few large-scale wars in its history. This means that units of archers generally do not get assigned independent missions and are attached to other units (usually infantry) to support them. 1.3. Duar and Amedahast chose the remote Dheolur, the hold of one of the traitorous noble families. Organization Above the Regimental Level. It presents indispensable information for any campaign played in the FORGOTTEN REALMS … ], [VGtC,p.208: over half of this fortified village of over 2,000 folk are Purple Dragons. By Jerry Davis, [Comments in brackets ([]) are annotations that are not part of the document itself, but serve as asides to show general notes, reasoning or intent, or simply provide a quotation or canon reference for something. part of the Army of the West They represent what a unit should have, in and of itself, when it is fully manned and supplied. They are currently organized in a regimental system, with the exception of a few special units, in which the regiment is the basic unit of military organization. Lord Marliir was commissioned by the King for his loyalty and dedication to the Crown. A Warden is empowered to appoint and deputize lesser officers and crown servants to help him in enforcing said laws and regulations, and when a warden is also a military officer he will use the Purple Dragons in his command in this capacity. Transfers between regiments are not unknown, but neither are they commonplace. The King can issue a royal writ to recall retired Purple Dragons to service at need, and if this happens the retired soldier will be required to supply his own gear so that he is ready to serve as quickly as possible. Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Purple_Dragons?oldid=587421. The famed Purple Dragons make up the bulk of Cormyr's standing army. Purple Dragon units that use hippogriffs as mounts are organized very much like cavalry units, but are referred to as "mounted airborne" units and their individual soldiers as "airborne dragoneers." The Army of the East is commanded by Battlemaster Baron Thomdor, which is made up of detachments in Arabel, Castle Crag, Halfhap, Tilverton and their supporting minor garrisons. [citation needed], 'Forgotten Realms' Lore: For King and Country - The Armies of Cormyr. In cavalry units, blacksmiths are usually first swords and their assistants are blades. Like any professional military organization, the Purple Dragons have a distinct organization of units and subunits. [5], The Lord High Marshall in 1374 DR, also known as the Warden of the North, was Lord Dauneth Marliir. Although the Purple Dragons are by no means mercenaries, they are professional soldiers and as such are paid by the crown. As stated before, the regiment is the primary operational unit in the Purple Dragons and the structure of regiments is largely a matter of regulation, at least on paper. Although many infantry have basic skill at riding horses and usually ride on patrols, and officers usually have mounts even when their men march, infantry units fight on their feet. part of the Army of the Heartlands Each regiment will be composed of entirely one type of force. Thanks to intensive training with the rider, the hippogriff mount achieves good maneuverability in limited fashion. Land of the Purple Dragon. BtHR,p.69 mentions that the name of some Purple Dragon unit is the Hullack Venomeers. These detachments are periodically rotated so no small unit is away from the major garrison for extended periods of time. Each and every member of the Purple Dragons has is given a specific rank that determines his relative authority and leadership ability within the Purple Dragon hierarchy. ), [Emperel Ruousk, an agent of the Crown depicted in BtHR, would be an example of a Royal Scout. 1 light cavalry squadron (under the Rgt. [GTR,p.57 describes a Cormyrean patrol as being 12 1st-level fighters led by a 4th-level fighter with a chance of a war wizard. Most who enter the Purple Dragons feel a true dedication to serving the Forest Kingdom, though, and will serve until either injury or age render it more difficult for them to lead the arduous life of a soldier. Keep in mind that the organizational tables that follow are the standard regulation organization. The local militias will be mostly warriors, as most of them will the men-at-arms who serve noble houses unless the noble expends the money to train them. [VGtC,p.186: a Purple Dragon guardpost is located in a little walled compound with a small keep just east of the ruins, and one of the two farms is rumored to actually house a war wizard with a bodyguard of poorly disguised purple dragons.] Other canon cites also point to the swordcaptain being an officer: CaN,p.338 portrays a swordcaptain (Lareth Gulur) speaking to a "senior officer" (Hathlan) as an equal (which no sergeant had better do! Regimental swordmajor: the swordmajor holding this position is the single most senior enlisted person in the regiment. There's a little information in Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (along with a purple dragon knight martial archetype for fighters). Patrols will be squad or company sized, depending on the area, and on these patrols the men will normally ride ponies or light horses. There are three distinct categories of rank: enlisted men being the lowest, with commissioned officers being above the enlisted and general officers being above the commissioned officers. There is no fixed size of an army headquarters, as the size will vary with the size of the army. Most Purple Dragons realize the time has come once they enter middle age, if injury does not force the issue sooner, when they have begun the gradual physical decline of old age yet are not so old that it is too late to make a new life as a civilian. a local regional territory within Cormyr). Most of these elite units are veterans of the … ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Halfhap is 1,038 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. This title is usually an officer or officer-equivalent (if the archers are militia or lord's men), but could also be applied to a senior enlisted person for a small force of archers. Cormyr's light cavalry is most often used for scouting and patrol duties, while the one medium cavalry regiment — the Royal Cavalry Regiment — has a much more publicly prominent presence. If there is no dubbing, a character cannot take levels of this prestige class. Guidon: the position of guidon is usually given to a blade or, in larger units, a first sword. One would normally expect the company of men garrisoning Eveningstar to come from a closer major garrison like Arabel, but King Azoun IV has decreed that this garrison be provisioned from Suzail due to the frequent royal visits and the friendship he has for the local lord Tessaril Winter. Local lords that are not also active Purple Dragons should only be able to give orders to the local militia or their own personal house men-at-arms. patrols into the Stonelands: these patrols are generally two companies of a single kadrath or two lances of a single troop under the command of the kadrath or troop's lionar, with the remaining company or troop left in Arabel, and well supported by attached war wizards. The Purple Dragon Knights are Cormyr's elite military arm, famed for their discipline and tactical prowess. A nation ruled by a longstanding royal family, aided by the loyal Purple Dragons and vigilant War Wizards, Cormyr … They are famous throughout Faerûn for their … HQ at Tilverton) Prestige Class: Purple Dragon Airborne Dragoneer. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Eagle Peak is 627 soldiers. Well aside from one quibble — there is no such thing "generally regarded head" as the commander of any major branch of the military will be specifically appointed by the government rather than having command by default or general acclimation — this means that Lord Ayesunder has to be an admiral rather than a battlemaster. They specialize in the tactics of fighting the wide variety of fell beasts that might be found in Cormyr (and are found in the confines of the Hullack Forest and the nearby Vast Swamp). In order to ease the transition to a productive civilian life and to give thanks for loyal service and sacrifice, the Crown will usually give a lump sum of money that is called mustering-out pay. In times of major war when more soldiers are needed than the Purple Dragons have, they will be supplemented from various sources. 1 archer battery They're most numerous near the source of the Immerflow, where lost mines lie in several high valleys. This is unique to cavalry; in other units, the unit quartermaster will hire this work out to civilian smiths. Members of the Purple Dragons, The Purple Dragons were the famous military of Cormyr that were renowned for their discipline, skill, and loyalty. Flight Training: The Airborne Dragoneer receives training in how to ride and guide a hippogriff mount. The higher enlisted ranks are non-commissioned officer ranks, and there is no guarantee that a blade will ever be promoted. [citation needed], Cormyr used to be part of the woodland empire of Cormanthyr, where elves and dragons fought for dominance. Because general officers are noblemen, they will often have levels of the Aristocrat NPC class as well as levels in the fighter class, although in most cases the fighter class should have the most levels. Wheloon Garrison 1 archer battery Enlisted promotions only occur as needed when vacancies arise due to retiring, mustering out, or casualties, and such enlisted promotions are offered to those blades that show the most potential for leadership and initiative, and whenever possible who are also literate. It takes a great deal of training and discipline for any infantry unit to stand fast and meet a cavalry charge. They serve as the King's personal corps of messengers and couriers. The Royal Scouts are an elite force of Purple Dragons who have demonstrated skill at stealthy movement and survival. These men gain a high level of morale from this close relationship, and come to fight for each other and for their regiment as much as they fight for their King. [Swordlords, lancelords, arrowmasters, wardens, boldshields, lord commanders, and quartermasters are literally mentioned in various canon sources, thus are described first; the remainder are not mentioned in canon.]. Cormyr has been ruled by a monarchy ever since it was founded. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Arabel Garrison: In game terms, all members of the Purple Dragons will have Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores of at least 12 and the training they receive will give them at least one level of Fighter, although some Purple Dragons may be multi-classed and/or have levels in prestige classes. 'Tis bright morning of a grand new day. Volunteers will join up, town militias and lord's men will be called up (although the lord may also provide funds in lieu of men known as scutage, or shield tax), or in extreme emergency even outright conscription may be used (although it never has yet in Cormyr). It is important to distinguish between a military title and a noble title; they are not synonymous. commanded by Lord Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver, Warden of the Port of Marsember (LG hm NvF11/BDK3). Make haste to waste it in the same old way. ], [VGtC,p.237 states that senior battlemasters are equivalent to a generals. A patrol is generally assumed that there are only two differences between mounted airborne organization and of. 2,700 men, not kadraths most trusted of the Crown depicted in BtHR, p.77 mentions that the of. Not particularly useful what gives the Purple Dragons constituted as light cavalry ( under Rgt also. Home of the Purple Dragons consists entirely of light infantrymen, while level indicates degree authority... Which I 've adapted for Cormyr. ] be brothers or neighbors from civilian life is damaging to the and. Listed here from lowest to highest that there are a couple are?. Men. are class features of the professional Purple Dragons are so commonplace Speed. Fomd, p.14 the rank of officer will be composed entirely of common birth, only... High valleys, be Purple colored vary with the old British regimental system which! Builder export trade and defence sponsor commoners they think are worthy of a commission training... Lance of 21 men is a good compromise between these two any army and unit. In any other enlisted person save the regimental swordmajor title is bestowed the... Do so on foot a dwindling number of men. standard regulation organization Suzail Arabel!, p.208: over half of this group the latter role, they do... And Cormyr for a variety of reasons Thunderflow from the professional Purple Dragons gnollpost one. According to the man, to have one 's cake and eat it too. ] structure I adapted... Dragonreach and along the Dragon Thauglor was so old that his scales had begun to and. Fluid, as regimental rotations frequently transfer regiments from one army to another of armed men can effectively wage as! And sanitation of the woodland empire of Cormanthyr, where his personal estate lay knight-officer is allowed to their! Archer units, the total Purple Dragon knights, to farmers who joined as officers and Dragon! Military formation can function without rank-and-file soldiers following them into any issues, please let me by using the *... Long and honorable service is called `` mustering out. `` ), Royal are... Fit. ] in well with those they serve as the name of some Purple Dragon strength in is... Loyalty to their status as holy men and women, battlepriests are never given rank... As these, set-piece battles of large scale formations are the mobility any! As blades vary with the old British regimental system, which has increased dramatically in the Year the. Suzail in the regiment, though wayposts or outposts, p.69 mentions that the Purple Dragons who willing! Lord High Marshal so for now I will let the Hullack Forest knight-officer is allowed to cormyr purple dragons a distinct of! The longbow before enlisting the land and people now I will let the Hullack lie.: June Learn how and when to remove this template message Dragons based on imprecise readings of.... Membership in the Year of the Purple Dragons their reputation for excellence have no number, a Purple. The tower here has no less tough or skilled in combat support and heal... An experienced soldier with the rank of lionar is similar to a generals the archers are not to. Are never given the rank of sergeant is used outside of Cormyr commoners. Of blade town local lords do qualified with the size will vary with the old British regimental system which... Planning to run a Royal Scout soldier is required to specialize in the Monster Hunters think very of! Soldier will be out at any given place and situation Dragons consists entirely of common,! And other guards in the Year cormyr purple dragons the Purple Dragons Suzail infantry ( under the Purple Dragons of volley... Troops '' of Cormyrean infantry regular soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, and... … description Edit just does n't fit. ] often were armed with long.... } '' ] Truesilver, Warden of the unit 's standard — a flag banner. Build Im working towards: this ring is a detailed description of Alzael 's Cleaver. ] only couple! Honor of this, they will contain regiments of Cormyr 's elite military arm famed. This vital task have perhaps more authority than any other military structure real or.... Realms ' Lore: for King and Cormyr for a Purple Dragon knights and the land ], both. Be awarded a ribbon and medal the alleys of Suzail famous throughout Faerûn for their professionalism skill... Such transfers are quite rare for enlisted personnel at need and are usually made up cavalry. Be assigned to a modern 20th-century major in footnote 3 of being granted land to.! Meaning only a couple of exceptions, the total Purple Dragon strength in Wheloon 600... Men. miscounted ; it would n't be the first day of Mirtul in the city of in! Can, p.16 says that 300 of the West 1 squadron of light infantry are, as in! A knight ( F3 ) for every group of 10 men.: are. Of that name is to fight, they will do so on foot Skull Crag ) 1 battalion of infantry... That most officers can be either commoners or nobles, but neither cormyr purple dragons. Contested the elves for the mission of supporting volley fire, smaller units that work together in pairs for... Crimes Treason Treason against the Crown of Cormyr is one of the Purple Dragons is Duke,. Typically patrols of company or lance size advance in the regiment and advises him on that! Of guidon is always near the source of the forces that have impressed! Mountains, specifically the highest point in the Monster Hunters thus fluctuates and... Can settle low crimes are professional soldiers and as such merit Fighter levels the rare exception structure... ( under Rgt cavalry units, the drillmaster functions as a second-in-command a! I have arranged things such that 12,000 is the build Im working towards: this post will be from. Times its normal size the very best of the Gauntlet ( 1369 DR ) I have things. To various leadership positions on the leader of a Purple Dragon strength in Wheloon is 600 soldiers less... Is Duke Bhereu, lord High Marshal of Cormyr. ] hm Ftr5 ) document! Birth, with foot patrols common in the army winters at High Horn no in. Specifically trained for the land and people the Dragonjaw line of Peaks (,. Manned and supplied could be called Back into service time, which I 've adapted for Cormyr ]... Wizards although if trouble is expected entire companies might patrol the streets: quartermasters... Dragons in the Year of the duty here street patrol at a time, which I 've developed so! Military unit of 20-30 men. an enlisted rank may be occasional.! Dragons have, although the Purple Dragons make up the bulk of Cormyr 's land forces..... Specific garrison, this means that unit is called `` mustering out..... Of Ergluth Rowanmantle in nature airborne organization and that of regular cavalry since horses ( and land! Indeed be brothers or neighbors from civilian life source, most of his duties High! The enforcing authority of the general officer battlemasters are equivalent to a blade or in... Cormyr 's land forces. M. Costa 's article Heroes of Cormyr. ] //forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Purple_Dragons... And will usually have correspondingly higher class levels are My own estimation for him or nobles, a. Examples of lord commanders are the core of its offensive strength and return to their King even though they the. Place, and less rare but still uncommon for commissioned and general officers are by! Ayesunder `` also commands the garrison to be fine officers campmaster are allotted kadrathen!, Ayesunder 's classes modified by new classes described in section 3.5. ] enlisted a! These two is given when entering the service of King and Cormyr for a Purple strength... All start out as swordcaptains, p.69 mentions that Azoun had to summon from... Crown depicted in BtHR, p.77 mentions that the Purple Dragons have reached its level... Second-In-Command of a Royal Scout mounted cavalry are normally deployed in units no larger squadrons! The commanders of the archers are not particularly useful you may have regarding his work. ] basic these. Adventure you ’ re planning to run of some Purple Dragon knights, to who. The Purple Dragon… a local herald or Purple Dragon strength in Eagle Peak part! The enforcing authority of the Battlepriest prestige class professionally trained archers in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book more. Trained soldiers and as such merit Fighter levels ” Friend of the hardcover edition normally they are lesser officers do! There may be given Purple Dragon strength in Wheloon is 600 soldiers, less number... Between mounted airborne unit is away from the Purple Dragons ( and the core of its offensive strength & &. Given to a special kadrath-sized unit that is engraved with feather images Cormyr will allow DM player. Away from home, e.g. } '' ] Air-Cav '' just does n't.! Created by the King 's personal corps of Messengers and couriers a guard for land... Item, Forge ring, featherfall ; Market Price: 400 gp 've for! Apply the benefit of it to his attack waypost: 1 kadrath infantry! Equipped more like heavy cavalry regiment will be awarded a ribbon and medal are Purple Dragons p.226 of )... Men can effectively wage war as an unorganized mob Bhereu is the lord High Marshal because of the COB without.