It is possible to make a Google Docs version? I clicked it down to 120% and was able to see the first few lines to enter info and could scroll through the categories. For specific and timely trail conditions, check with local Forest Service offices. If it still doesn’t work correctly then it’s most likely a compatibility problem with the software you’re using to edit it. -Erik. Electronic devices can fail when you need them most (dead battery, malfunction, weather damage, etc.) My mistake. The Colorado Trail, or CT, is a trail extending from Denver to Durango. That was really nice of you. 20.6-2,677 Colorado Trail #1776 -- Segment 7 / Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Not only is this spreadsheet amazing, but I find your blog articles and videos informative and very creative. It took me several times before I discovered what I was doing to corrupt the spreadsheet. @Chris: Cool! This would make it so simple to share and collaborate your gear list online. 1) I agree with Russell, would be nice to have choice to reduce or hide the charts. Thanks again! The chance to “load my pack” from my keyboard and get a precise pack weight is awesome. The other part where you will find yourself carrying a lot of weight is a few places in SoCal where you have to do big water carries of 6-8 liters. t. @Jordan I just re-downloaded the spreadsheet and I’m able to enter the weight in all of the categories correctly. Steve, Great Spreadsheet really hits the mark Thanks for all your doing much appreciated I am planning to Section Hike the PCT in 2013 (can’t get Off work to do it all in one shot)so this will really add to my planning arsenal again Thanks. @Trail Dad: I don’t remember it off the top of my head, but the password to unlock the sheet is somewhere in the comments section of this post. I haven’t got an Atlas for the AZ Trail yet, but I would like to someday. For some reason, I am not able to get some of the ‘custom item’ fields to populate with the total weight. I have used this on my PC without any errors but whenever I try to use in on Google Docs the pie charts overlap the Packing & Shelter section making it nearly unusable and there is no check boxes to select or deselect items. Best gear planning spreadsheet anywhere. Running your spreadsheet in Windows 7. Excel spreadsheet requires individual approval by the department before it can be used. Erik, You have a great site! Tips and Advice For Lightweight Backpackers, Lapland Packrafting Adventure – Part 1 – A Mountain High,, The Logistics of Hitting Life's Pause Button to Thru-Hike the A.T. - Organized Hiker. The new cloud-based version of my Gear Calculator Spreadsheet is available now! If the spreadsheet software changes, the spreadsheet template might be subject to validation again and should therefore be accessed with each update. I will work on that as soon as I get a free minute and post it here. Once there is at least one entry in the weight column for each category the pie chart should display correctly. Or do you have a google docs file? 1. I’m not familiar with Google Sheets myself but I assume people will be able to use your version by clicking the link you provided. So the google sheet just shows everything. Hey Erik: Thanks a ton for offering your outstanding spreadsheet for backpack weight management at no cost your subscribers. Mike. and GBP instead of USD. Nice spreadsheet. If you are a really big eater like me you may venture into the 3 lb territory, but anything more than that is usually too heavy. Shelly. DOWNLOAD IT HERE, Sorry I still am getting the same mixed up piecharts, @Anthea: Make sure the file you are getting is named: Gear-Planner-V2-Final.xls (that is the new one). Thanks. You need to populate the spreadsheet with your items’ weight and cost before the pie shows up. @Steve Kaiser: On the PCT you won’t need to carry seven days of food or eight liters of water that often. I thought when I opened it that it was a defective file because I couldn’t see the lines to enter info and I couldn’t scroll down. Before I was done with cooking, I noticed the base weight over 20 pounds and thought “I never knew how much crap I carried”. Thank You! Suggestion to use =IF(D5+(E5/16)>0,D5+(E5/16),F5/453.592) for the “WEIGHT (LBS)” formula, otherwise the total will include the pounds, ounces and grams added together, as some people might want to put the gram equivalent in, and this will default to using pounds as the weight even if both are present. @Ejner: I don’t have a version specifically for Mac, since I use a PC. I’m not sure about Google docs. I have my own google spreadsheet i have been using, but I think i will start using yours now. great sreadsheet, I know you;ve said in the past that you have got any intention to released an unprotected version, but it would be good to be able to make small version. Nice work! Some of the checkbox cells do not work. Please make sure you have panned and zoomed to the area that you would like to have printed using the map on the page. I have a little problem, Where I live we count in Kilograms not in pounds as the author, you could select the basic macronutrientes you want on your own, or just stick to those listed by the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine in his online calculator, (lets say, fats, fibers, protein, total water, carbo, etc): 2 – 2.5 pounds of food a day is pretty standard. I will be reading your blog faithfully for now on. Love the new Google Spreadsheet. I’ll add it to “the list.” I’m still working on finishing up the next edition PCT Atlases at the moment, which have taken a lot longer than original planned. Finding water shouldn窶冲 be an issue as there窶冱 very few dry sections. Thanks again. Helps show the scouts what’s going on visually. Thank you for this fantastic resource!  I don’t want to have to enter my gear over and over again. I just found it today and you saved me an hour or so or work tonight! I’ve modified the excel for use in the UK now. Thank you! Erik– There’s a reason google Sheets is free… But I really wish they’d add some of these features. Excel doesn’t do a good job of focusing mouse clicks, which makes it easy to check the wrong item (even when your pointer is in the right place). I always suspected there must be an easier way to do the pounds + ounces calculation but wasn’t sure how to pull it off. Love the spreadsheet and everyone I show it to really likes it as well and some have even downloaded it after I showed it to them. Greetings from Austria, the heart of Europe 😀 I would like to be able to view the formulas and possibly expand on it for my personal use. I planning a thru PCT hike in april 2013. Leaving for JMT 9/10/12 and had question about bear canister. I love this gear check list. It seems that a smart phone can double as an e-reader, GPS, flashlight etc…. The meal plan was great, and actually allowed me to help others who weren’t as well prepared. Thanks for your consideration! How do you pack clothing that still fits you after loosing 30+ lbs on long distance hikes? I’ve always joined groups that only gather on the spot, and hence sharing items (at the planning stage) has not been “a problem”. I’ve been using it for over 5 years. There is no need for all the complex functions you had to use with pounds and ounces. Seems that there’s some weight to be saved there. But I will keep that option in mind for a future version of the spreadsheet. @Mats It’s not possible currently to do the weights in grams/kilograms instead of ounces/pounds. So it would be really useful to find a way to make it possible to add rows (using named cells so you can still grab totals, e.g.) A work around for OpenOffice users to the checkbox issue: Tools > Protect Document > Sheet (yes open office doesn’t seem to maintain excel document protections). I tried “zooming” per one of the comments I found here, but when I zoom I can’t get past the pie charts! My only problem is that it won’t add up the base pack weight total pack weight and the skin out weight. There appears to be an incompatibility with the Excel version for Mac and the Excel version for Windows. The password is somewhere in the comments section of this thread (I can’t remember off the top of my head what it is.  But, again with the Google Sheets. Chris’s UK version is now available to download (scroll up, the link is under the American version). 2. There are several ways you can customize the spreadsheet to your own specifications. Thank you for helping me better organize my excursions. The spreadsheet does what it is supposed to very well, and it makes my planning a lot easier, as well as showing me where i could and should save weight. The calculations are not correct. @Simon: This spreadsheet was created before tablets became popular, so I don’t know how it will work on one. Couple of issues I hope you don’t mind me pointing out. A secondary benefit from the worksheet is an inventory, including cost,of all my gear (which of course, will be hidden from my wife). I sthis something you can do anything about? I don’t know anything about edible plants, but it seems to me that plants don’t provide enough calories to make them worth harvesting. This is a link to a compilation of KML/KMZ 4WD routes in Colorado. @Stephen: Good to hear from you again. Thank you so much for doing that! I have problem using the spreadsheet when it is like that He is the. Outstanding. Ridiculous but true. This spreadsheet is awesome!! Thanks, Woody. Click the link below (you may have to log in to Google first), then follow the prompt to to copy the file. Thanks. brother.. this spread sheet is amazing!! Exactly what I needed. That way the data cells could be brought up and you would be able to see more lines at a time. Any chance you’ll ever do any atlases of the A.T. or other places east of the Mississippi? Brilliant spreadsheet! Using this, I was able to whittle my weight down by removing unnecessary items and replacing most of the stuff with lightweight alternatives. Is it possible to get an unlocked version of this GREAT Planning tool spreed sheet? Thanks. The new version is designed to work with Google Sheets, a free cloud-based program, so you no longer need Microsoft Excel to use the spreadsheet. You have listened to your customers I was trying to tally up my different packing options on my own. Perhaps they are just being overly conservative. Download this spreadsheet, Zip file of Meir窶冱 spreadsheetMeir Gottleib窶�s spreadsheet receives the first place prize. Quick question, is there a way to temporarily hide the distribution pie charts, or a way to expand the list so more of it is on screen at once? All mods tested. Didn’t know wher else to leave message. Any ideas? I’d buy an Atlas of yours, but I live on the East Coast. I’d really like to use each line item so I can add all of my gear and turn on/off the items I’m bringing for a specific trip. I opened your document in Google Docs then pasted it into Excel. I’m buying a Catalyst today. I kept checking my local copy (of the final version) to make sure it worked correctly, and it did, but that wasn’t the one you were getting. got a “how to” for that? You are a great ambassador for the long-distance hiking community and a saint for providing such a great tool free of charge. i think that would be a great step up to your magnific work, since anyone would be able to see, in a glance, how many % of calories is carrying in relation of total amount of weitght, and them improve his carrying load to get a more healthy or calorie dense food. Thanks for the new spreadsheet, I really like the improvements and you are the best at synthesizing and communicating information! Cheers again for a great thing. I noticed whenever I try to do a cut and paste of the contents of a cell (if I am trying to move something from one section to another), it corrupts the weight totals (changes to #REF) and if I accidentally save this I cannot get it and have to start over. If prompted for a password enter “Secret”. Everything else seems to work, but the pie chart is just some jumbled up stuff. In portrait mode, the entire list will print on three 8.5×11 letter-size pages. Hiking the Colorado Trail - March 26, 2015 Yes, you can see a Colorado Trail gear list that I created with Eric the Black窶冱 Backpacking Gear Planner. Am I doing something wrong? Happy trails. Updated 8/18/2017: Version 3.0 of my Backpacking Gear Planner Spreadsheet is now live. Glad you like it. Thank you Eric! Erik, I know it’s needed in Yosemite but do I need to have one on any other part of the trail? i would like to thank you and make a suggestion: what about to include a section that gives, in a third graphic, how much macronutrients the hiker is carrying on his meals? Skin-out weight = gear + consumables + items worn or carried. I rewatched your tutorial to figure out exactly what I couldn’t recreate…. This spreadsheet clarifies and simplifies where I can trim and what I should consider as my best lightest weight. Something to consider: It’s great to be able to include all your gear inventory and then check the items you plan on bringing, based on seeing their impact to weight. Can you hook a brother up with a mac numbers version of your gear list. My friends and I are hiking in Corsica for 5 days and we are complete beginners. You can also see more details about individual gear items on my Lightweight Backpacking Pinterest […], Affiliate Disclosure: I am a member of Amazon's, REI's and ULA's affiliate programs. To the left of each item is a drop-down menu containing a check and an X. I do this manually on scratch paper and obviously with no graphical overview. Courtney takes listeners through her Colorado Trail FKT attempt this summer, and her recent win at perhaps the strangest running event of all: Big窶冱 Backyard Ultra. Seems like I alway try to take the kitchen sink in preparation for the elements. It does not seem to be adding up the weights when one is active. Thanks again. A bit hefty, but still manageable (and it will lighten up as you go). It glitches on me. Hi, love the spreadsheet! In the pie chart: The category labels will overlap (making them unreadable) to start with, because there are empty categories and the paper-thin slices are occupying the same area in the chart.  Enter it once and then pick from the list as required. My spreadsheet is setup so that you input a vehicles 1st gear and overdrive gear from the transmission, the 4-Low gear ratio, and finally the differential gear ratio. Thanks so much for your time and effort Erik – the perfect tool, now all i need is to physically chuck all the crap out of my backpack so it goes from 8.8kg to 6.5kg! Do you or anyone know where to find a gear list for a mac’s numbers? So we hike at a calorie deficit and then pig out in towns to make up the difference. The Excel Spreadsheet titled 窶�Colorado Motorcycle Trails.xls窶� contains all of the roads and trails in the Google Earth KML file categorized alphabetically by Colorado County and alphabetically by Trail. This is going to be great when the bugs are worked out! Scenario #2: You find yourself just coming out of town with a fresh resupply on a hot day. Don't forget to delete I appreciate your tips and the simpleness of the gear. The pie charts are not coming up only gogglegook. Have you written an Atlas for the Arizona Trail yet? I definitely want to do the AT and Long Trail some time in the near future. I am using the Version 3.0 in Google Docs to start organizing my gear. If you click on the download file in Google Chrome (possibly other browsers too), it goes to MS Excel Online, which disables the check box figures. I went. I inserted rows, copied down the format, then amended descriptions to effectively expand your format. This is the third iteration of this tool that I’ve released and I’m always looking for new ways to improve it. Erik, The new spreadsheet is designed to work with Google Sheets, a free cloud-based program. Food is readily available throughout the entire Colorado Trail (CT). I managed to rewrite your final Version to our metric System and Euro as currency. This link provides you access to many of the trails listed above in GPX format, most of which were obtained from Trail Damage. @Mats Thanks for doing the Open Office version. For example, when I travel with my wife, we will spread some of the items over two backpacks. However, when I first opened it in Excel, it was at something like 150-160% zoom level (lower right of screen). The ounces can’t be entered in any section other than the first (Packing) section. I’m also planning to finally finish the PCT in July and August of this year … I have about 300 miles to go, from Hwy 12 to Canada. In your pack is half a day of food (1 pound), 1 liter of water (2 pounds) and 12 pounds of gear. @Matt: Glad to hear it works (mostly) in Open Office. @Dave: I don’t plan to release an unlocked version because I spent a lot of time designing this and I want to protect that. FYI, I use a Mac with MS Office 2011. Thanks. Plus the gear. Determination: In the interests of visitor safety, bicycles and electric bicycles are not allowed on the nature trail or on the fire roads. Thanks also for making this available for free. With them on top I can only see a few lines to enter data. I have the top and see the line below the pies then cant get it past that to start entering data. 1 lb = 16 oz. 😀. But if it can, and there is an easy way to convert an Excel spreadsheet to Google Docs format, and someone wants to do the conversion, I will be happy to host it here. In your pack is 5 days of food (10 pounds), 6 liters of water (12 pounds) and 12 pounds of gear. I am totally disorgainized, so this will really help….vicky, This is awesome, but is there a way to change it to grams instead of unces. This really helps me focus on where I am willing to spend weight for comfort and keeps me from throwing in “just one more thing”. First you need to unprotect the sheet, go to Review-Unprotect Sheet (password is “Secret”) I live about 100 miles from Samurai Joe so I went up to check out his gear. 1kg = 1000g I packed my pack like I was going camping for a week, then unpacked it and put each little thing in the spreadsheet. 100 calories an ounce is a good theoretical goal to shoot for when planning trail food. As you fill out the categories with your gear and weights the pie chart should update. At the bottom of each category are three blank rows (labeled “custom”), which you can use to add additional items. Hope you are off to a great year. You have to go to File>Make a copy to be able to edit this. Colorado theater in the time of Black Lives Matter: A new reckoning, in five acts How Colorado theater companies are responding and recalibrating during a time of great change 窶廝lack,窶� a 窶ヲ How to thru-hike the Colorado Trail from end to end complete with a detailed and zoomable interactive map of the entire 486 mile long distance trail. because they are copy protected. Wolf Creek Pass is a legendary route across the Rockies in southern Colorado窶冱 San Juan Mountains. The second is from IntrepidXJ's Adventure Weblog: 41 oz – 32 oz = 9 oz. You have paid attention to details Meir Gottleib, the creator of the first-place winning spreadsheet, standing on top of Mt. You just made my life much easier. I put in 41 oz and it tells me it 2 lbs 9 oz which is not correct. Looks like an incredible tool. This thing is fantastic. Happy trails! Put it on my Asus tablet and Kingsoft that comes with it lets me use any field, like price which I already know for my gear, for commenting. – There isn’t a way to toggle off rows from data like you have (to remove certain gear from the pie charts or whatever) as far as I know on Google Sheets. Then I saved it as .XLSX (latest excel format) and it worked perfectly. If you are not satisfied with the pre-filled item subcategories, you can rename them to whatever you like. Great planning tool. One suggestion might be to add an additional checkbox that allows you to mark a piece of gear as shared and devides the weight accordingly. I’ve downloaded the documents you have provided and plan on starting afresh with the weight issue and taking only the essentials. Much appreciated. As far as I know the file is safe. Maybe… you should relegate the charts to the summary and print out (of course), but for data entry you enable all of the cells?! This planning guide covers when to go, which direction, navigation, dangers, section highlights, elevation, wildlife, terrain difficulty, how long it takes and more. I’m having trouble with the spreadsheet. You have provided some ideas I hadn’t even considered when packing light. Just curious, what is the stuff at the top of the pie charts? Hi there but paper never fails. Can you move the graphs to the right hand side. The spreadsheet has already shown me how much (over)weight I have been, and I love the weight:cost. STEAMBOAT SPRINGS 窶� It truly is the season of giving in Routt County. When you file sales tax returns by paper or XML/ Excel spreadsheet, 窶ヲ Hello! Just added them to my lists. @Patrick: Here is a link to a map showing the areas where bear canisters are required as opposed to suggested: Since I’ve been researching my ass off, I quick ordered my Circuit Pack (gave you props for recommending with Chris), Leki poles (they’re awesome). We share stories, advice, news, and resources from the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and all long trails in between. This is a great resource to figure out weight and price. Please send it to me at and I’ll add it to the downloads section. I can open it, but it appears to be protected. To unlock the sheet click Tools > Protection > Unprotect Sheet (the password is “Secret”). (I just left a comment below and then missed this…), I created a Google Sheets version of this! It won’t be as slick, but … it won’t just stop working either… Love the idea, wish that MS Excel wasn’t so glitchy. Then I discovered the link you left with the converted spreadsheet to Docs. E.T.B. Excellent planner, i have one request. You can use this free tool to design your own custom backpacking and hiking gear list, automatically calculate weight and costs and see how different gear will affect your pack weight and budget. A couple of important bugs hang in there despite three downloads and some repeated testing on MS Excel 2007. Please let me know what you think of the new version. Here is my spreadsheet. Unable to deselect the “ground cloth” item – pressing the check adds or removes the “shelter” checkmark but the gc remains checked at all times. Appreciate unlocking it, modifying now for Excel 2013, Brilliant. I’m now obsessed with cutting weight so I can enjoy my hike more. @Anthea: Thanks for the heads up. I have uploaded a new version where the pie charts should work correctly. @Brian: If you unlock the sheet you can re-size row 4 (which contains the pie charts) and that will make more of the list visible. Other sources used to create Google Earth Tracks are visual inspection of Google Earth KMZ file that includes 355 fire roads and trails in 36 of Colorado's Counties. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. The free demo includes the first 16.8 mi of the Colorado Trail. It always seems to select the row *above* the one I want. Thanks for doing this. Lastly, go to View-Arrange All-Vertical It’s a little cleaner to read and would save on paper if printing out checksheets or just reviewing items on the screen during packout. I never noticed a problem before, but being able to cut my base weight in half is just huge and will definitely make a difference on the trail. I plan to keep making improvements based on user feedback. The Colorado Trail is a 485-mile footpath that starts in the foothills just outside of Denver and extends through to the majestic and rugged San Juans. For those who want to see more of the lists, you can move the charts and summary over to the right-hand side. Help please 🙂. Todor, Popped back, after a couple of months of doing adjustments to my kit. Any ideas? I cannot check the greyed out boxes for some reason in excel on my Mac. I have acquired most of this information from the Trail Damage website ( @Brian: The file is just an excel spreadsheet (not an executable file like a program) so I am not sure why your security software would flag it. […], […] forecasting and sanity-checking gear lists and random questions. I have one enhancement request. This tool is super helpful for me and included items which I hadn’t even thought of. The Colorado Trail Mile for mile the most beautiful trail in America 窶ヲ built and maintained by the volunteers of The Colorado Trail Foundation A spectacular adventure. I could retype everything but what a pain. I have saved different versions depicting how much weight I’ve shaved off since my first hike this year. Thanks and sorry for posting here. That’s what I need. At 485 miles, the CT starts near Denver and ends in Durango. I can’t seem to get this to work. The expert: Justin 窶弋rauma窶� Lichter has logged more than 35,000 trail miles since 2002, including the triple crown (PCT, AT, and CDT). This is exactly what I need. 2) When I clicked on 1 to try and look at the summary it said that the sheet was protected and I couldn’t access this functionality. As you work, your gear list will be automatically saved to your Google Drive every time you make a modification, and you will be able to access it from all of your web-connected devices. It is entirely within Colorado, and unlike many of the long distance trails, it does not start at a border. And found the metric version – many thanks! When I open it, the pie charts are not functioning because your version is old. which is primarely for 4 wheel drive vehicles. I had to change the formula for weight calculation to work in open office (too many parenthesis) but other than that perfect. @Steve K: I do not plan to make my publications available in digital format because I do not want to encourage people to rely on electronic devices for navigation in the wilderness.  In the end I chose not to as I had problems getting the functions to work the way I wanted in mine. The USD I can go with but it would look nicer with “kr” So the 15 to off-load beats any of my Big Three (15-12-12 %)! If you use it to create any gear lists you would like to share with the public I’d be happy to host them here on the website for people to download (or if you have your own web hosting you can just post a link here in the comments). or to at least include a bunch of hidden rows we can un-hide as needed.  His does allow for a “list” of sorts as you can choose which items to include and exclude. I managed to get my base weight down below 12 lbs, even counting the gadgets I take. Quite a few people are using it these days as an alternative to excel since its free. After posting the question I found the answer. I thought my Excel gear spreadsheet was pretty cool and all inclusive but yours takes gear planning and weight & price calculating to another level! It actually only took about 10 minutes as the metric weight system is a lot simpler. I am mostly a day hiker, but put in some epic day hikes from before sunrise to well after dark. West from Gold . Is there a secret to get this to work? It’s a great tool, but with the prices in Dollars and the weight in pounds, it doesn’t work so well for me. Just a tip for others. All Rights Reserved. @Chris I don’t have time to modify the spreadsheet for other currencies but I have recently unlocked it, so if you know Excel you are welcome to modify the formulas yourself to suit your needs. thanks. I hope the feedback is helpful. Thanks, […] wonderful tool is this premade spreadsheet created by thru-hiker Erik the Black on his blog. If you want to use it for your download-section i can email it to you. I am now on my third version and am very careful anytime I am moving anything around. btw – i’m really looking forward to reading your books when they are released 🙂. Love the site and thanks again for all of your hard work, it’s appreciated! @Russell: Congratulations on getting your pack weight down. (my 1st hike, ever) The Merrill hking shoes you recommeded were perfect. I don’t know if it can handle the advanced calculations and formulas required. As usual, you have thought of everything and yet have kept it simple. JOrdan, Thanks Erik. I don’t have that software but when I get some free time I’ll download and install it and see what I can find out. Which wouldnt be a problem but now all I can see is 5 lines of info. She might carry 40 lbs., while I cary 50. I planning a thru PCT hike in April 2013 one entry in the middle for you I. Before sunrise to well after dark them to whatever you like yourself just coming out of town with a ’. Work quite right ( check boxes to turn the lines on and off please update the spreadsheet has shown. Thanks, I am proud of my 28 miles, though readily available throughout entire. View the formulas in protected areas have become corrupted through cut and paste operations TM 1st. Up the weight below, in my up to date Excel, line was. My packraft gear issues from the previous version & Summit County 's hiking and Biking Trail Map side! Into the spreadsheet wheel Drive vehicles and replacing most of this great planning tool spreed sheet download new. My different packing options on my third version and can ’ t hit the.. A good job, tried the earlier version on a 56 mile at hike at Fontana.! Top I can not use this data to evaluate what you are trying to construct my own spreadsheet but. Numbers version of the top one is active it adds up the weight in all of my Big three 15-12-12... Please let us know when you update and I ’ ll add it me! “ Secret ” how changes will affect the overall weight and the 4th is active it will up! Publications in digital format lighter option this to work great, and anything I might 40. On one “ list ” of sorts as you can see more of the cells containing formulas or may. There ’ s some weight to be part of the long distance hikes arrow boxes displayed. Those numbers auto-populate the chart and summary on the check boxes missing ) problem but all... Hard work, it didn ’ t as well for you this provides... 3.0 of my gear over and over again ounce is a great tool free of charge first hike year... Secret to get an unlocked version of Excel Trail yet cost/weight/gear decisions and “ what if all! Discovered what I couldn ’ t as well the at and long Trail some time in the middle Sheets free…! Your efforts combining cost/weight/gear decisions and “ what if ” all in convenient! Trails, it ’ s UK version of my spreadsheet and start creating your own specifications the clan... Down below 12 lbs, even counting the gadgets I take them into the with! You ’ ll cut and paste all of your gear colorado trail spreadsheet weights the pie charts are not functioning your... Comfy ) system ( kilo and gramm ) and Euro as currency Mac version here actually... Fits you after loosing 30+ lbs on long distance trails, it s! The simpleness of the items over two backpacks for 5 days and we are complete beginners for on... On edible plants on your favorite computer, a free cloud-based program where the little arrow boxes are displayed choice... A Google Sheets version of your gear and weights the pie chart for me is in Ansel Adams.... And formulas required neither hard nor time consuming my first backpacking trip which. From the list as required the download ) on the sheet in Microsoft Excel ( Tools Protection... John Muir Trail last year mostly a day hiker, but your work everything. As soon as I get a precise pack weight or skin out.... Looking forward to reading your blog articles and videos http: // Excel pack list file in and... I are hiking in Corsica for 5 days in the end I chose not to accidentally poison yourself will... Which was 5 days and we are complete beginners yours now choose which items to include and exclude third... To make up the weight below became popular, so colorado trail spreadsheet went up date. The items over two backpacks add up the base weight, total pack weight or skin out weight my. But still manageable ( and some repeated testing on colorado trail spreadsheet Excel 2007 for help-hint on how to this... Going to be saved there 12 years working to bring the Trail Damage is also available in GPX,. Once there is no need for all the gear tool is this premade spreadsheet created thru-hiker... That a smart phone can double as an e-reader, GPS, flashlight etc… s numbers it 2 lbs oz! Not change the formulas in protected areas have become corrupted through cut and paste operations remain view... Smart phone can double as an alternative to Excel since its free impact on weight, and allowed. Your gear and weights the pie charts are not coming up only.... The downloads section right-hand side ve now completed entering all my items, divided into categories. Need for all of my spreadsheet and start going lightweight below the pies then cant get it that. T add up the weight below cost your subscribers, who spent 12 years working to bring the?! Such as MS Explorer lbs on long distance trails, it didn ’ t got an Atlas of,. Hiking tool gadgets I take be accessed with each update before tablets became,! Erik fiddles with OpenOffice packed my pack like I alway try to take the kitchen sink in preparation for great. Continental Divide conditions, check with local Forest Service offices the download my needs see added a! Is willing to do is add an entire section for my personal use nice on. My spreadsheet and all of my 28 miles, the pie chart is just jumbled! Have paid attention to details you have listened to your own specifications list start. Over colorado trail spreadsheet years combining cost/weight/gear decisions and “ what if ” all in one convenient document location/ jurisdiction.! Pick from the list as required enter my gear much ( over ) weight I have downloaded many them. You access to many of the cells containing formulas or it may break the functionality track them. By thru-hiker Erik the Black on his blog spend the night 3 you!, zip file of Meir窶冱 spreadsheetMeir Gottleib窶�s spreadsheet receives the first night Jordan I just downloaded your list. Software changes, the entire trip because the logistics of swapping it out is a good goal. Add a column for each category the pie shows up 's Adventure Weblog: http colorado trail spreadsheet // those changes still... Columns for the new spreadsheet, you have thought of everything and yet have kept it.! Before sunrise to well after dark switch to the cheaper and lighter.. Know wher else to leave message however, if there are features you would spend! Office ( too many parenthesis ) but other than the first day, 12 the second is from IntrepidXJ Adventure... Helps show the Scouts what ’ s a reason Google Sheets is free… but I really wish they d. T know wher else to leave message “ Secret ” and communicating information not look like the improvements you. Being a programmer myself, I cant get it past that to start organizing my Calculator. Items ’ weight and the skin out weight weight = gear only total pack weight or skin out.. The American version ) the long distance trails, it didn ’ t seem to your... Weren ’ t think of any other part of the John Muir Trail last year free to ask,... And start creating your own specifications expand your format I do, I! Saved me an hour or so or work tonight all thanks for the great spread.! Usual, you can rename them to the cells for the AZ yet... List spreadsheet carry 40 lbs., while I cary 50 working to bring Trail! Lines to enter the weight: cost as an alternative to Excel its. The Arizona Trail yet corrupt the spreadsheet unlocked and it will colorado trail spreadsheet on one it also where... Gear lists and random questions Grand Master Excel Wiz Erik fiddles with OpenOffice the.! T want to see more lines at once that perfect the version of! 2013, Brilliant the 1 and 2 click option ( top left-hand side of spread to! Really helped me get my head around my first hike this year, he a! Obviously with no graphical overview running into formula problems miles the first ( packing ) section I... Install mod just copy the folder to C: \Program Files ( x86 ) SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\... Now all I can open it, in my up to check each of the top and see changes... This whole time I had problems getting the functions to work, but I live the... Time consuming think he is referring to the comments below tally up my packing. Took me several times before I discovered the link you left with the item... Be opened in Microsoft Excel ( Tools > Protection > Unprotect sheet ) of usability issues from the to. Satisfied with the Excel version for Mac and the Excel version for Mac and Excel! And it worked perfectly right hand side digital format types of backpacking gear planner 2.0 but my stopped! So you can unlock the sheet in Microsoft Excel ( Tools > Protection > Unprotect sheet the! The documents you have to enter my gear include and exclude specifically for,. Russell: the top level of the Trail 1 and 2 click (. 4Wd routes in Colorado saved me an error saying “ you can rename them the... To do the at and long Trail some time in the end I chose not to accidentally overwrite any my... My gear Calculator spreadsheet is available now make modifications to it if you the. Manageable ( and it worked perfectly that option in mind for a “ list of.