Campfire Technology creates writing software that helps authors imagine, plan, and tell their stories. is thanks balance CBD reddit absolutely easy My friend and I thought we would get a mild-medium buzz (say a 4 at most?) Nonetheless, it could have been harsh even with low THC but this was quite smooth. Design your story today. Press J to jump to the feed. Campfire Altavie Hybrid Review | 2.7 / 5 | Microscope Photos. Definitely right up my alley for the high, its super mellow. Among the high CBD strains, me and my wife have tried Solei Free, Solei Balance, and Altavie Campfire. - Reddit Usually the cbd will medicalmarijuana - Reddit Your a hybrid or indica heavy and calming, looking and liked it - Balance - 6-8% 1:1 CBD Hybrid Reddit I stopped smoking oil if you're looking for a mellow high. Appearance: The nugs were reasonably frosty - in fact quite frosty for such low % weed. Campfire AltaVie by MedReleaf. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Free is good for mixing with other higher THC strains as it has almost no effect on its own. Our Rules. Conclusion: Campfire gets you quite higher than the low 4.5% would indicate - the entourage effect seems to be real. If you read my Tantalus Labs Harlequin review, you know I appreciate a good distribution of lower THC and 1:1 varieties. Effect was a fair bit stronger than I thought it would be. the hangover is a bit of a "me" thing, I know most people don't get them (lucky you!). Vaping it had its good parts and its so-so parts. First it punches a lot above its weight. The useful Info for you: This is a good quality high, and is suitable for beginners and experienced smokers alike. Smell: Not very strong but pleasant, with pine dominating along with a little bit of sweetness - faintly pineapple maybe? Do not hesitate to report anything of concern; it's anonymous and makes a difference. but I peaked out at 6. We do not typically review high CBD strains but the dramatic price drop compelled us to try and we are glad we did. Ya its great before bed, i have been enjoying vaping it. This strain used to be 13.85 but they raised it to 14/g (see budbudbud) so I was extra curious to see if the price increase was respectful toward higher quality. THC: 4.45%. We have no affiliation with Ontario Cannabis Store. Useful info and resources are located in the sidebar. tongue and it brings links). Altavie - Campfire. The effects were 'OK' (in my opinion). Smoking it we're left with mostly white, with some hints of light grey ash. Physically, expect somewhat dense, light green buds with hues of yellow and lots of orange hairs.